Committee of Registry and Territorial Expansion

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Mihai Ionac

The European Registry of Vascular Surgery (ERVS) gathers in one place the essential data of vascular training and practice across Europe.

The goal of the ERVS is to assist the harmonization efforts of vascular discipline across Europe, promoted by UEMS Section and Board of Vascular Surgery.

All European vascular surgery units are eligible to enter the ERVS.

The objectives of the ERVS are to:

  • Set a database of vascular surgery training systems of the European Countries.
  • List the vascular surgery units including their area of expertise and resident training or research opportunities
  • Ensure that the list of European vascular surgery units with contact details is easily accessible
Implementation of the ERVS demonstrates the commitment of the UEMS Section and Board of Vascular Surgery to further promote the development of vascular training, certification and practice.