UEMS Section and Board of Vascular Surgery

1. Data about the country

Area: 312,679 (km2)

Inhabitants: 38

GDP / Inhabitant: ($)15,000

Territorial administrative organisation: Regions

Incidence of vascular disease: PAD - 15% of the population over 65 years old AAA - 5,4% of the men population over 65 years old Venous disease - 50.99% among women and 38.33% among men

Vascular mortality/morbidity: The standardized death rate fo

National Society: Polish Society of Vascular Surtgery

Website: ptchn.com.pl

2. Vascular Surgery

Vascular surgery is:

  • Independent specialty
3. Training in vascular surgery


  • National exam

Total duration of training

  • General surgery: 6 years
  • Vascular surgery: 6 years

Progam acredited by

  • Government

Endovascular training

  • Included in the VS curriculum

Training includes educational sections in

  • Endovascular training: 1 months
  • Imaging: 2 months
  • Cardiac surgery: 2 months
  • Other: 5 months

Board Examination

  • Government


  • Inspection of the case log
  • Oral examination
  • Written examination

Is there required a minimum volume of vascular operations? Yes

  • No. major endovascular operations (EVAR, BTK, carotid): 110
  • No. of minor endovascular operations (SFA PTA, CDT): 50

Is there required a minimum volume of endovascular operations: Yes

  • No. of major endovascular operations: 140
POLAND: Vascular surgery units