UEMS Section and Board of Vascular Surgery

1. Data about the country

Area: 242,000 (km2)

Inhabitants: 66,000,000

GDP / Inhabitant: ($)42,500

Territorial administrative organisation: Regions

Incidence of vascular disease: AAA - 78/100,000 age >70yrs PAD - 20/100 age >60yrs SVI - 18/100 age 18-64yrs

Vascular mortality/morbidity: AAA - 3.2% open 0.4% EVAR Car

National Society: Vascular Society of Gret Britain and Northern Ireland

2. Vascular Surgery

Vascular surgery is:

  • Independent specialty
3. Training in vascular surgery


  • National exam

Total duration of training

  • General surgery: 1 years
  • Vascular surgery: 5 years
  • Endovascular surgery: 5 years

Progam acredited by

  • Specialty board

Endovascular training

  • Included in the VS curriculum

Training includes educational sections in

  • Endovascular training: 24 months
  • Research: 24 months

Board Examination

  • National board


  • Oral examination

Is there required a minimum volume of vascular operations? No

Is there required a minimum volume of endovascular operations: No

UNITED KINGDOM: Vascular surgery units
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Academic Vascular Surgical Unit Hull View Details
Cambridge Vascular Unit Cambridge View Details
Department of Vascular and Endovascular surgery DUMFRIES View Details
Imperial Vascular Unit London View Details
Leeds Vascular Institute Leeds View Details
Leicester Vascular Institute Leicester View Details
South west Scotland vascular network SSVN Glasgow View Details